Catherine Dolan
General and Paediatric Specialist

Both Clontarf and Skerries clinics will be closed from July 17th 2023 while I am on Maternity Leave
reopening information will be available early next year

Hello , I'm Catherine Dolan and I've been working as an Osteopath for over 18 years.  I completed my primary degree at the British School of Osteopathy, followed by a Masters in Peadiatric Osteopathy a few years later at the Osteopathic Centre for children in London.  Since then I have obtained a further degree in Applied Bioscience at Ulster University as well as completing a number of subsequent courses and certificates in training related to my work as an osteopath. ( please see my LinkdIn page for further details)

I have always thoroughly enjoyed my work as an Osteopath, I love the challenge in understanding how the human body works and how for a variety of reasons the body can loose the ability to heal itself effectively. This was a significant factor in my decision to specialise in working with infants and children, as I noticed that many of my patients were carrying historical strains and injuries that were often the root cause of many of their current issues. I believe that if we can address issues as they arise, no matter how minor, the better chance we have of a more healthy and flexible body long term, as well as a greater capacity for self healing. Of course not everyone has the opportunity to consider a preventative approach to health until later in life, often a back issue, a chronic pain, or an annoying sports injury that wont go away can inspire an interest in seeing and Osteopath. It is never too late to make a change, our bodies are incredibly intelligent with an enormous capacity for change and healing at any point in our lives. 

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Both Clontarf and Skerries clinics will close from the 17th July 2023 while I am on Maternity Leave. Updates on reopening will be posted here, on the phone message service and on social media pages associated with the clinic when an exact date is known. Thank you.

Who do I treat.

I treat people of all ages.  To date I have had patients who are just a few days old all the way up to patients in their 90's

What type of issues do patients present with?

Infants: sleeping issues, feeding problems associated with body tension and or tongue tie, symptoms of colic and reflux, unsettled behaviour, general check up post birth and more.

Children and Teens: muscle and joint pain associated with falls and injuries, growing pains, sleeping difficulties, digestive issues, headaches, sporting related issues and more. 

Adults: back and neck pain, joint, nerve and muscle pain - hips, knees, ankles and feet,  shoulders, elbow, wrists and hands. Pregnancy and post partum complaints,  TMJ dysfunction, headaches, digestive issues, pain and mobility issues arising from arthritic changes or injuries and much more.

What should patients wear

Generally it is requested that patients wear loose fitting clothes such as shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms, with T-shirt or loose fitting top.  Gym gear is also suitable.

Tight fitting clothes, dresses or skirts, and clothes with thick seams, buttons and zips can make it difficult to assess the patient.

Occasionally it might be necessary to ask a patient to remove an item of clothing to assist in examination i.e. shoulder, hip or back exam.  Only if the patient is comfortable with this and with the patients full consent. 

Treatment details

Techniques -  Structural, Cranial and Visceral Osteopathic techniques are used in isolation or combination during your osteopathic treatment depending on the needs of the patient.  

Price - €85 for a New patient session
             €70 for all follow ups           

Please allow up to 45 mins for a first appointment and up to 30 mins for any follow up appointments